Lochness Monster

An integral part of South Florida’s indie music scene, Lochness Monster began its musical journey in 2014 by its founding member Justin Shaner.  Shaner, driven by his passion for music, stepped from behind the drum kit to take the mantel of lead guitarist and composer for his new musical venture, Lochness Monster.  He then began creating demos at his home over the next year.

With the help of some close musician friends, Shaner began working with varying players and Lochness Monster began taking form featuring the talents of, Michael Morello as Lead Vocalist, Andre Serafini on Drums, and Larry Monteleone on Bass.  Now with a solid line-up of talented musicians, Lochness Monster began eagerly working on their debut album “Fables” in July of 2016, under the production direction of James Paul Wisner (Producer of Dashboard Confessional, Paramore, Hands Like Houses, The Dangerous Summer, and Further Seems Forever).  After 5 weeks of an intense recording process in Wisner’s St. Cloud Studio, Lochness Monster finally released their debut album “Fables” January, 12th, 2017.

Soon after the band’s album release, Lochness Monster would experience a line-up change with the departure of Drummer Andre Serafini, Bassist Larry Monteleone, and Lead Singer Michael Morello.  Focused to bring the undiscovered sound of “Fables” to the music scene in SOFLO, Shaner began auditioning players and vocalists to take the helm of Lochness Monster’s sound.  After auditioning several individuals known in the SOFLO music scene, Lochness Monster became complete with the addition of Camillo Zea (Bass Guitar), Rene Rivera (Drums and Backing Vocals), and Bruce Donaldson (Lead Vocals).

The band’s powerful sound; and campaigning of their debut album, “Fables”, has resulted in “over 120 independent and core radios stations adding Lochness Monster to their station rotation of artists featured across the U.S. (The Planetary Group).”  “Fables” is so powerful that it has gained “chart action and peaks at KXUL Monroe, LA (#16) and KPUR Boxer Radio in Forest Grove, OR (#23) (Luke of The Planetary Group). Now with the approval and credibility of generating a unique sound that is supported by listeners in various parts of the country, Lochness Monster is gearing up to become a musical force ready to capture audiences where ever they perform.  With a strong new roster cemented, Lochness Monster is making its heartfelt and thunderous sound known.

Pixie Cut (Official Music Video)

Lochness Monster – Pixie Cut [Official Video]

The new album ‘Fables’ by Lochness Monster is OUT NOW!! http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1158939757?ls=1&app=itunes https://lochnessmonster.bandcamp.com/releases https://open.spotify.com/artist/0r5UnrnH5hUMo7uXEKfVc0 http://www.lochnessmonstermusic.com D’Vision Indie Films: http://www.dvisionindiefilms.com Band – Lochness Monster Produced by Andres Sarmiento Directed by Michael Dante Morello Cinematography by Dylan Perez-Rubio Gaffed by Sergio Gallego SteadiCam Op by Samuel Tapia Photography by Julie Pauline from Sugar Pill Photography and Yesenia Garcia Cast: Kyra Kennaugh – Dancer Mono Howard – Casting Director Michael Dante Morello – Casting Director Fernando H.